AI International Awards 2020

We also invite companies and individuals all over the globe to send nominations for 'AI International Awards 2020'. Last date to receive Nominations for the Awards is 20 March 2020.

Participants of UPDATE with Fees are entitled to take part in AI International Awards without further payment. 

Timing Schedule of AI International Awards 2020

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM on 17 June 2020.
Categories of AI International Awards

  1. Best Shrimp Farmer Award
  2. Best Fish Farmer Award
  3. Best Corporate Shrimp Farmer Award
  4. Best Corporate Fish Farmer Award
  5. Best Technical Service Provider Award
  6. Best Shrimp Feed Distributor Award
  7. Best Fish Feed Distributor Award
  8. Best Healthcare Products Distributor Award
  9. Best Sales & Customer Service in Aquaculture Award
  10. Best Aquaculture Scientist Award
  11. Best Shrimp Hatchery Award
  12. Best Marketing Man in Aquaculture Award
  13. Best Young Entrepreneur in Aquaculture Award
  14. Best Executive with Long Service Award
  15. Best Aquaculture Aerator Award
  16. Best Aquaculture Equipment Award
  17. Best Upcoming Aquaculture Healthcare Company Award
  18. Best Aquaculture Healthcare Products Manufacturer Award
  19. Best Aquaculture Products Exporter Award
  20. Best Fish Feed Miller Award
  21. Best Shrimp Feed Miller Award
  22. Best CEO in Aquaculture Sector Award
  23. Life Time Achievement Award